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Our People

Practice leaders

Wajih Abou-Zahr

Senior Partner, Dubai
Brings deep experience in telecommunications, helping leading companies win market share, drive top-line growth, and transform sourcing and operations...

Kim Baroudy

Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Serves clients in the telecommunications, technology, private-equity, and financial-technology sectors—including financial institutions—with...

Marina Cigarini

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Draws on deep expertise in digital, advanced analytics, and marketing and sales to help high-tech, telecom, and media clients drive profitable...

Axel Karlsson

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Draws on his expertise in technology, strategy, and operations to help telecommunications, technology, and media companies improve performance

Eric Kutcher

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Leads’s global High Tech, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications Practices, bringing engineering and enterprise technology expertise...

Philipp Nattermann

Senior Partner, London
Works extensively with telecommunications and media companies on addressing the challenges arising out of market transition to an all digital...

Our people

Salman Ahmad

Senior Partner, Karachi
Leads’s work in Pakistan. Has broad global experience in helping governments and major companies tackle their key challenges and shape...

Kabir Ahuja

Partner, London
Drives growth strategy and execution for consumer-oriented companies, with deep expertise serving leaders in media, consumer technology, and...

Daniel Alsén

Partner, Stockholm
Drives customer-centric digital strategy and product development, advanced analytics deployment and large-scale agile transformations

Jorge Amar

Partner, Stamford
Works with telecommunications companies to drive the changes needed to improve overall customer experience while also controlling costs

Peter Andén

Partner, Stockholm
Coleads’s design work in Europe, is passionate about design and technology, and supports clients on digital strategy and transformation...

Davide Arpili

Partner, Madrid
Leads complex international corporate restructurings, turnarounds, and transformations across industries. Served as chief restructuring officer...

Venkat Atluri

Senior Partner, Chicago
Builds and transforms businesses by pursuing cutting-edge technologies and cross-sector opportunities

Kushe Bahl

Partner, Mumbai
Leads the Digital and Analytics Practices in India, helping leading companies across sectors accelerate their digital journeys

Michael Barriere

Partner, New York
Draws on years of private-sector experience to build HR, leadership, and workforce capabilities that deliver business outcomes and value

Thomas Bauer

Partner, Munich
Brings deep expertise in marketing-performance optimization to help leading brands across industries and geographies transform their brand management...

Cornelius Baur

Senior Partner, Munich
Brings extensive expertise in operations to help automotive, high tech, and aerospace companies enhance value

Keith Beattie

Partner, London
Leads banking within the RTS Practice, specialising in major turnarounds and transformations, taking both advisory and interim roles

Enrico Benni

Senior Partner, Prague
Helps clients on a number of business-technology issues, including sourcing, CRM and global integration of IT systems

Markus Berger-de León

Partner, Berlin
Supports digital transformations with the insights of a seasoned digital entrepreneur; leads our digital business building operations

Fabian Billing

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Guides companies through performance transformations, enterprise agility programs, and merger integrations, leading to sustainable operational...

Ilke Bigan

Partner, Istanbul
Helps consumer-facing companies, particularly in telecommunications, media, packaged goods, and retail, set strategy and boost performance while...

Adam Bird

Senior Partner, Munich
Deep experience and expertise advising clients on critical issues facing digital marketing, media, and entertainment

Eduardo Bolio

Senior Partner, Mexico City
Leader of our global work in energy, basic materials, education, operations, and public institutions

Daniel Boniecki

Senior Partner, Warsaw
Applies deep expertise in telecommunications and technology to help clients on strategy, M&A, sales, and operational improvement issues as well...

Duarte Braga

Senior Partner, Lisbon, Madrid
Serves as office manager of our Iberia office, and advises the top management of financial institutions and major telecommunications groups in...

Tycen Bundgaard

Partner, Singapore
Works with telecommunications clients on digital strategy, product development and launch, and M&A due diligence

Tomás Calleja Mediano

Senior Partner, Madrid
Helps clients in service industries transform their operations making them more customer-driven and efficient

Brant Carson

Partner, Sydney
Advises financial institutions and telecom companies on holistic digital transformation and business technology, from strategy through execution,...

Nuno Catarino

Senior Partner, Lisbon, Luanda
Leads our customer care work, helping leaders in the banking, telecommunications, media, cement, and pulp and paper industries improve their...

Vladimir Cernavskis

Senior Partner, Moscow
Vladimir leads work in restructuring and transformation in the ЕЕМА region (the CIS, Middle East, Turkey and Africa).He is one of’s...

James Chavin

Senior Partner, London
Leads’s transformation work in Europe, serving as a restructuring and transformation advisor for a range of national and multinational...

Joy Chen

Partner, New York
Helps media and other consumer-facing clients unlock growth through large-scale transformation

Sachin Chitturu

Partner, Singapore
Combines expertise in technology and advanced analytics with the discernment of an investor to help clients digitize their offerings and operations

Laura Corb

Senior Partner, New York
Develops growth and go-to-market strategies for leading companies in the media, entertainment, and service industries

Peter Dahlstrom

Senior Partner, London
Globally leads's Client and Firm Communications, and is a leader of Digital for B2C sectors, serving leading institutions,...

Angus Dawson

Managing Partner, Australia and New Zealand
Leads’s work in Australia and New Zealand and serves clients through periods of intense strategic, regulatory, and technology-based...

Driek Desmet

Senior Partner, London
Works with financial institutions on business and IT strategy design and implementation, focusing on growth, digital and analytics business models...

Richelle Deveau

Partner, Silicon Valley
Advises high-tech companies on innovation, growth, and go-to-market issues, including recurring-revenue-business-model transitions, channel strategy,...

Miklós Gábor Dietz

Senior Partner, Vancouver
Helps financial services companies and other organizations harness digital technology and stay ahead of emerging trends

Mikhail Dmitriev

Partner, Moscow
Focuses on strategy development, organizational design, and operational transformation projects for telecommunications, construction, and property...

Ewan Duncan

Senior Partner, Seattle
Works with clients across the technology, media, telecommunications, and other sectors to use design and customer-centricity to increase growth

Omar El Hamamsy

Senior Partner, Cairo, Dubai
Helps leading companies, private equity players, sovereign wealth funds, and national governments define and deliver ambitious growth strategies....

Tarek Elmasry

Senior Partner, Dubai
Counsels CEOs, senior executives, and government leaders on a range of strategic and organisational issues, including technology, economic development,...

Bo Krag Esbensen

Partner, Copenhagen
Drives enterprise-wide agile transformations to help telecommunications companies better serve their customers while achieving stronger performance

Travis Fagan

Senior Partner, Dallas
Works with clients on operations performance transformation, strategy, business building, and organization issues

Miguel Fonseca

Partner, Lisbon
Helps leading telecom and banking companies drive major transformational initiatives in strategy and marketing and sales

Guido Frisiani

Senior Partner, Milan
Supports leading technology, telecommunications, and media companies to shape strategies and capture growth opportunities in the converging digital...

Brendan Gaffey

Senior Partner, Dallas
Provides deep insight into consumer digital behaviors for high tech, media, and telecom organizations

Fan Gao

Partner, Calgary
Advises telecommunications and technology clients on topics relating to transformation, technology, M&A, and strategy

Vidhya Ganesan

Partner, Singapore
Helps governments and telecommunication companies leverage the power of technology and digital transformation to foster better services and improve...

Dorian Gärtner

Partner, Sydney
Serves clients across a broad range of industries with a focus on business technology, including IT strategy, operating-model design, tech enablement,...

Arne Gast

Partner, Kuala Lumpur
Leads our Organization Practice across Asia–Pacific, bringing extensive global expertise in leadership development, organizational design, talent...

Brett Grehan

Senior Partner, Sydney
Combines broad cross-sector experience with deep expertise in marketing and strategy to help clients transform global marketing and sales organizations

Seth Goldstrom

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Helps organizations sustain performance transformations through a focus on execution, capability building, and growth

Olivier Gorter

Partner, Amsterdam
Draws on years of senior-executive and board-level experience to improve the financial performance and organizational health of clients in technology,...

Ferry Grijpink

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Helps telecom and media companies grow their businesses, shape new markets, and transform their organizations.

Gustav Grundin

Partner, Tokyo
Leverages two decades of experience in telecommunications to advise operators and equipment manufacturers globally across all areas of strategy,...

Stephen Hall

Senior Partner, London
Brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy and mining sectors to his work counselling clients on strategy and performance challenges

Lari Hämäläinen

Senior Partner, Helsinki
Leads’s Helsinki office and our Advanced Analytics (AI) work in Benelux and the Nordic region, while advising companies across sectors...

Klemens Hjartar

Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Leads digital and advanced-analytics performance based transformations, building agile capabilities at scale in large organizations in both B2C...

Jason Heller

Partner, Global Lead, Digital Marketing Operations & Technology, New York
Helps companies rise to the challenges of digital-age marketing by leveraging new strategies, marketing technologies, data, and analytics to...

Kersten Heineke

Partner, Frankfurt
Leads the Center for Future Mobility in Europe, focusing on connected cars, autonomous driving, and shared mobility, as well as the...

Martin Hirt

Senior Partner, Greater China
Leads the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice globally and is one of the firm's most experienced client counselors on issues of strategy, growth,...

Sarah Holcomb

Associate Partner, London
Brings data-driven commercial and strategic insights to companies across the media and telecommunications sectors

Endre Holen

Senior Partner, Seattle
Deep expertise in helping companies transform their core operations and focus on holistic performance improvement

Martin Bech Holte

Managing Partner, Oslo
Serves energy, technology, and private-equity clients in driving performance transformations and in reshaping their strategies

Richard Hudson

Senior Partner, London
Brings over 17 years of experience in board, operational, restructuring, and advisory roles

Mohsin Imtiaz

Partner, Houston
Leads’s High Tech, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications (TMT) Practices in the southern United States, with particular expertise...

Jason Inacio

Partner, Sydney
Leverages expertise in agile transformation to enable new ways of working across the enterprise that increase value while boosting performance

Jeff Jacobs

Partner, Chicago
Drives business growth through excellence in brand strategy and insights, customer experience and marketing efficiency

Pallav Jain

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Helps leading telecom and high-tech companies drive performance by leveraging big data and analytics

Jay Jubas

Senior Partner, Stamford
Collaborates with incumbent providers and alliances on winning strategies, and pricing and operations improvements

Anuj Kadyan

Partner, Gurugram
Serves IT-services, hardware, and software clients on service strategy and transformation, with a focus on offering strategy, M&A, and service-delivery...

Ken Kajii

Partner, Tokyo
Leader of the telecommunications, media, and technology team in Japan, Ken helps organizations develop new business-transformation and growth...

Kjartan Kalstad

Partner, Oslo
Trusted by leaders in telecom, media, technology, banking, and other consumer-facing industries for his expertise in full-scale transformations...

Omid Kassiri

Partner, Nairobi
Supports governments as they pursue a transformation agenda with a focus on economics and agriculture; guides companies to better results through...

Basel Kayyali

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Leads the Healthcare Systems & Services Practice globally and Digital in the mid-Atlantic, assisting healthcare, high-tech, and telecommunications...

Katia Khvatova

Partner, Sydney
Leads our Telecommunications and Marketing & Sales Practices, with a focus on delivering impact through commercial transformations

Michael Kiermaier

Partner, Seattle
Brings extensive knowledge on go-to-market, pricing, and subscription transformations to help software and technology organizations achieve growth,...

Eyitope (Topsy) Kola-Oyeneyin

Partner, Lagos
Serves clients in the financial-services sector in driving growth and large-scale transformation programs

Masahiro Komatsubara

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Serves automotive, electronics, and other globally active companies in the manufacturing and travel and transportation sectors

Asmus Komm

Partner, Hamburg
Unites diverse teams across the globe on their talent management, leadership, organization design, and change-management initiatives

Chandru Krishnamurthy

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Focuses on helping federal and state government agencies and telecommunications companies tackle their most challenging business-technology issues

Vladimir Kulagin

Senior Partner, Moscow
Leads projects on strategy, marketing, pricing, customer centricity, organizational development, and operational efficiency in the telecommunications,...

Tomás Lajous

Partner, New York
Advises telecommunications, media, and private-equity clients, focusing on strategy and corporate finance with an emphasis on corporate and business...

Richard Lee

Senior Partner, Seoul
Works with leading technology, media, telecommunications, and private-equity clients to enable digital transformations that capture value

Acha Leke

Senior Partner, Johannesburg
Works with key public, private, and social sector institutions to accelerate growth and development in Africa

Cameron Leitch

Partner, Melbourne
Cofounder of the RTS practice in Australia; passionate about driving large-scale transformation across a range of industries and geographies

Oskar Lingqvist

Senior Partner, Stockholm
Supports participants in the Forest Products sector around the globe, helping refine and execute strategic initiatives, and improve operations

Harrison Lung

Partner, New Jersey
Helps mobile operators across Asia and North America on operations and technology issues—such as digital, IT, and networks—with a focus on the...

Nicolas Maechler

Partner, Paris
Global leader of our work in customer experience, and leads our Marketing & Sales Practice in France

Nitin Mahajan

Partner, Singapore
Supports telecommunications operators and private investors with his extensive knowledge of the telecommunications industry in Asia, focusing...

Nimal Manuel

Senior Partner, Kuala Lumpur
Leads’s Analytics in Asia, serving telecommunications and public-sector clients on strategy, sales and marketing, and digital transformation

Chiara Marcati

Partner, Dubai
Leads large-scale transformations of companies in the Middle East, specializing in operations, cost optimization, sales and channel management,...

Benjamin Maritz

Partner, Tokyo
Advises clients in process and technology-intensive industries on rapid recovery programs, leading to strengthened operations and stronger financial...

Georges Massoud

Senior Partner, Kiev
Deep experience in financial services, both private and public, especially banking and insurance, as well as the public sector, electric power...

Thomas Meakin

Partner, London
Serves consumer-facing technology and media companies on their most challenging strategic and commercial issues

Jürgen Meffert

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps leading companies across industries shape their strategy and digital transformation. Recognized thought leader and global leader of

Alexandre Ménard

Senior Partner, Paris
Leads our Telecommunications Practice and media and technology work in France—with a focus on technology and operations—and specializes in technology...

Pedro Mendonça

Senior Partner, Lisbon, Luanda, Rio de Janeiro
Advises senior executives in leading telecom and media companies on strategic, marketing, and pricing issues

Duncan Miller

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Leads commercial transformations at consumer companies to drive both topline growth and margin expansion, and oversees our consumer practice...

Niko Mohr

Partner, Düsseldorf
Valued by international clients in sectors from advanced industries to telecommunications to healthcare for his deep expertise in digital strategy...

Lohini Moodley

Partner, Johannesburg
Works with business and government to unlock Africa's telecommunications and technology potential and leads's initiative to develop...

Suraj Moraje

Senior Partner, Bangalore
Helps private- and public-sector institutions develop into local and global champions, and is a leader in’s Asia Telecommunications...

Lars Engel Nielsen

Partner, Copenhagen
Advises clients on marketing and sales transformations and leads our work in Europe on customer-life cycle management and advanced analytics

Naveed Niwaz

Partner, Copenhagen
Helps clients on strategic, commercial, and operational issues with a focus on the software, IT, telecommunications, and banking industries

Jurica Novak

Senior Partner, Managing Partner in Central Europe
Trusted by banks, private-equity firms, and consumer-goods producers for his expertise in risk management, turnarounds, pricing, operational...

Csaba Paál

Partner, Budapest
Works with telecommunications companies across Europe to shape bold growth strategies, strengthen their commercial positions, and harness data...

Vivek Pandit

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Serves the world’s leading investors and shareholders on investment strategy, operations, origination, transformations, and exits, and advises...

Mark Patel

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Advises clients across sectors on IoT, analytics, and digital. with a specific focus on the industrial, high tech, and semiconductor sectors

Andrea Peyracchia

Digital Partner, Milan
Guides digital transformation with an emphasis on building new digital ventures; leads digitization, design, and digital capability building...

Andrew Pickersgill

Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises clients on sales and marketing, growth strategy, and operational improvement topics, with depth in the telecom and banking industries

Vadim Pokotilo

Partner, Moscow
Specializes in large-scale transformation programs in municipal transport and logistics development, as well as retail and fast-moving consumer-goods...

Pierre Pont

Partner, Sydney
Leads’s Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in Australia and New Zealand, with deep experience shaping strategy and driving commercial...

David Pralong

Senior Partner, Auckland
Trusted by clients across industries and geographies for his expertise in corporate transformations and portfolio restructuring

Bastien Puech

Associate Partner, Yangon
Brings deep expertise in generating sustainable economic growth to help public and private-sector leaders design and deliver ambitious strategies.

Dr. Julian Raabe

Partner, Munich
Specializes in holistic customer experience and customer-care transformations, deploying next-generation technologies, advanced analytics, and...

Kristine Romano

Managing Partner, Manila
Works with public- and private-sector entities to transform operations, improve performance, and unlock growth

Elin Sandnes

Partner, Oslo
Helps telecommunications and consumer clients with performance transformations to reshape their strategies and grow their businesses

Naveen Sastry

Partner, Silicon Valley
Brings expertise in digital transformations and helps organizations become more agile with technology; has extensive domain expertise in the...

Ruben Schaubroeck

Senior Partner, Antwerp
Advises clients on large-scale, digital and analytics transformations and technological challenges

Davide Schiavotto

Partner, Milan
Works with telecommunications, high tech, and media clients to design bold digital strategies and organizations capable of realizing them

Jeremy Schneider

Senior Partner, New York
Coleads’s software work in North America, leads the XaaS work, and leads marketing and sales within’s High Tech, Media & Entertainment,...

Jürgen Schröder

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps companies to improve their performance by utilizing agile methods and digital technologies to enhance their commercial transformation

Joydeep Sengupta

Senior Partner, Dubai
Leads both the Implementation Practice and Service Operations in EEMA, and coleads our Operations Practice in the Middle East region....

Abhyuadaya Shrivastava

Partner, Singapore
Trusted by clients to unlock game-changing growth given his expertise in strategy, portfolio re-design, commercial excellence, and digital transformation;...

Beltrán Simó

Partner, Bogotá
Works with leading telecommunications clients in emerging markets and brings deep experience in digital and analytics as well as launching new...

Noppamas Sivakriskul

Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Bangkok
Managing Partner of Thailand; leads our digital business-building work in Southeast Asia; advises B2B and B2C companies in Asia

Pal Erik Sjatil

Senior Partner, Paris
Provides strategic support to local market leaders and multinational companies, with a focus on the telecommunications and high-tech sectors

Sven Smit

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Leads client service for globally, codevelops the core of our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice, and works with leading companies...

Daniel Spiridon

Partner, Bucharest
Serves the senior management of companies driving the impressive growth in Romania and the wider region, with expertise in telecommunications,...

Steven Spittaels

Senior Partner, Brussels
Helps B2C companies in media, telecommunications, and retail harness the power of digital to transform their businesses

Alexey Starygin

Partner, Moscow
Supports financial institutions, telecommunications companies, and the public sector in holistic transformation, strategy development, and performance...

Kushan Surana

Partner, New York
With a focus on commercial optimization through advanced analytics techniques, works with leading technology and telecommunications clients in...

Yael Taqqu

Senior Partner, New York
Drives innovation and go-to-market performance for leading companies in the telecommunications, technology, consumer, and media industries

John Tiefel

Senior Partner, Zurich
Helps leading consumer, retail, and telecommunications companies transform their organization, push growth, and achieve higher EBITDA results

Oleg Timchenko

Partner, Bangkok
Leads projects for telecommunications and banking clients, with a focus on strategy development, evaluation of mergers and acquisitions, creation...

Andrea Travasoni

Partner, Milan
Trusted by telcos, media, and tech companies for his expertise in building integrated digital strategies

Ole Jørgen Vetvik

Senior Partner, Bangkok
Specializes in applying data and analytics to help clients make better marketing and sales decisions

Wesley Walden

Senior Partner, Melbourne
Leads transformation work across the Asia-Pacific region, advising clients on enterprise transformations with a focus on strategy, growth, productivity,...

Phillia Wibowo

Managing Partner, Jakarta
Leads our Indonesia office and brings transformational change expertise to a range of clients in Indonesia and across Asia, helping them to design...

Matthias Winter

Senior Partner, Zurich
Helps telecom and media companies to grow their business, shape new markets, and transform their organizations

Florian Wunderlich

Senior Partner, Munich
Leads rapid-pace digital transformations for companies looking for a fresh start, taking an owner's mind-set to maximize business value

Igor Yasenovets

Partner, Moscow
Leads projects on strategic development, improvement in organizational design, transformation of global branch networks, efficiency improvement...