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Media Statements statement concerning US bankruptcy disclosures and Jay Alix litigation responses to New York Times series statement on Independent Third-Party Report on Separation of MIO and

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Future of work America

A new report from the Global Institute, The future of work in America: People and places, today and tomorrow, analyzes more than 3,000 US counties and 315 cities and finds they are on sharply different paths. Automation is not happening in a vacuum, and the health of local economies today will affect their ability to adapt and thrive in the face of the changes that lie ahead.
New York Times: Amazon’s Latest Experiment: Retraining Its Work Force Miami Herald: Nearly 1 million South Florida workers face automation. Here’s who will survive. San Francisco Chronicle: Robots kill jobs. Will the Bay Area be better off for it? Bloomberg: How & Co. Sees the Future of Work in America NPR: Will Your Job Still Exist In 2030?

Business value of design

How do companies deliver exceptional designs, launch after launch? What is design worth? To answer these questions, we have conducted extensive research to study the design actions that leaders can make to unlock business value. For the October 2018 report “The business value of design,” we tracked the design practices of 300 publicly listed companies over a five years, collected more than two million pieces of financial data, and recorded more than 100,000 design actions.
Wall Street Journal: Consulting Firm & Co. Takes On Design Strategy Forbes: Ignore Design At Your Company’s Peril CNN: Good design is good for business, new study finds

China Luxury

In April, published a new report on China's booming luxury market - “China Luxury Report 2019: How young Chinese consumers are reshaping global luxury.” Global brands face new opportunities as luxury represents a powerful form of social capital for young Chinese consumers.
Xinhua: China set to be engine of global luxury spending: report Quartzy: The killer, the piglet, and other nicknames Chinese shoppers are giving luxury handbags Financial Times: China's young luxury consumers warm to homegrown brands


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